Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stress = Eating

I had a really good day, food wise. I managed to stick under my 1700 calorie limit and come closer to my 50/30/10 carbs, proteins, fat percentage. I didn't make it to the gym, but I made my family a very healthy Turkey Wrap for dinner and that seemed to fill me up. Fast forward to 1130 at night. I get the call from my mom that she's been rear ended and needs me to come to the scene. I'm thinking she's injured or that the pickup truck is totalled. I race over there, only to find that she wanted me to take her ice cream and put it in the freezer, and that aside from a broken seat and the tail gate, the truck was still driveable. My stress levels spiked for many reasons. I came home, and just wanted to eat everything. I chugged a big cup of water, but that did NOTHING for the urge to eat. I made myself a peanut butter sandwich (figuring that some protein and fiber and fat might take the edge off). That did the trick but eating just that one sandwich put me over on my calories. I'm still riding the stress wave, so I am drinking another big cup of water before I eat anything else.
I had noticed this correlation before. About half an hour into studying for a big test or writing a major paper, I would be craving chips and soda and hamburgers and chocolate. I never made the connection to just STRESS before, so this is something I need to research and try and find a way to outwit my body.

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  1. Should pick up a new, calorie free habit when stressed, like smoking!