Friday, September 2, 2011

Please pass the Pizza

Depression. And how.
I have been sucked into the whorling vortex of this shitty economy, big time. Looking for a job, filling out applications, sending out resumes, contacts, contacts, contacts.
*crickets chirping*

All my friends started school this month. This is the first semester in 5 years that I am not there too. Not because I graduated. Because I quit. Not forever, but burnout had me at a level of apathy that was very truely UNHEALTHY. I spent most of the summer working for my dad around the house, taking care of grandma and sleeping.

But now that everyone is ridiculously productive again, I feel my self worth being trampled by the silence of job offers. I am amazingly employable. I've done shitty jobs in places you've only had nightmares about. I can sit and process mindless information into whatever blackhole data base you can come up with. I can smile in the face of people who revolt me. Also, I type 45WPM and will work for Cheap!
This lack of job prospects has led me down the long sad road of depression, which has led to even further apathy. How bad is it? Yesterday I had Carls Jr AND Brownies. The day before, I had Pizza AND an unnaturally large bowl of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream.
I need a job, people.
Because unemployment is making me fat(ter).
Also, I may have to cancel my gym membership.