Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smart Phone Guilt

So I bought a new phone. It's a smart phone, the samsung galaxy, or Tmoble vibrant, and it has a bunch of cool stuff on it. Like I can access the weather outside without leaving the warm cocoon of my covers in the morning. It also has this fitness app. It's called Weight Loss/Cardio Trainer.
Essentially, you tell the phone how much you weigh, and how much you want to weigh and when you'd like to reach that goal and the phone tells you if you're on track or not. You plot workouts and report calorie intake, etc. The only problem is, my phone is now my main source of guilt. This is a position that was occupied by the Catholic Church for the longest time, so understand it's no small feat. I hide my phone when it chimes it's Workout Time! I avoid adding to my Calorie tracker for days. On Friday, my friend took me to the Cheesecake Factory (Or Diet Death Camp) and I didn't enter in the amazing delicious 6000 calorie meal, because let's face it. I'm a fat girl. I love to eat. I'm not going to let my phone guilt me into a salad. The phone has an off button. If I really stopped eating for four days (like my Cardio Trainer app thinks) I'd look more like a holocaust survivor than the happy round person that I am.
I can see only one solution.
I love to eat.
I love my phone.
And I'm uninstalling the App.
Okay Pope B... You're back on Top!!!