Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Week

I thought exercise was supposed to make you swell up with endorphins that made you happy and sunshine to everyone. Since starting this adventure (One week today!) I've watched what I ate for the most part and worked out four times.
I am CRABBY. Like, Lucy from Peanuts crabby. One step above Gargamel from the Smurfs, One step below Ahab from Moby Dick. I am in a bad, bad mood. Last night I felt like crying for no reason, and then a friend called and I DID. Mortifying. I'm not a cryer by nature. Usually if I'm crying, my friends and family are freaking out. It could be the third sign of the apocalypse, Right after me waking up before the sun comes up and running low on coffee in the morning.
Is this Normal? Mood swings, Bad mood swings, irrational behavior? Dieting is worse than PMS! When do these so called 'endorphins' kick in? Because right now, they're about as real for me as Purple Unicorns.


  1. Don't diet, eat healthier! Dieting never lasts and only makes you sad and angry.

  2. Do funner exercise, like bike riding or sexual intercourse!

  3. when i was losing weight- i suffered. my life was miserable!!! everything hurt and i wanted to stab anyone that came near me. so your not alone lol